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Mothers Day 2017

Yesterday was Mothers Day for most of us in this big huge universe.
It was a day where mothers are recognised for their dedication, for being in their mother zone.
I have three children, my first child is Dylan. Dylan is a awesome boy that has come into my life to acutely walk the walk that I am doing in my present moment. He brought me to my inner muse, to listen to myself (this not always done). But I am so much better. Dylan has autism, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.. Dylan is remarkable really, considering all the pokes and being a boy whom doctors want to run trials on. He has really done so well, me on the other hand not so much. I dislike that he is used as test subject!!! He has a mind of his own and he can make certain choices as it is his body and he is 16 now.

Then there is Amy, Amy is a beautiful, sensitive, caring daughter who used to just put up with stuff!! Now Amy speaks up and stands in her power and tells us how she disagrees with the way we may speak to her, and want us to let her just be. Amy is teaching me so much, not to live with guilt, not to push feelings aside, to stand in my power. She is an amazing daughter and sister to her brother, she adores Dylan even when she is frustrated.. She is also a supportive sister to her younger sister Alyssa..

Yes Alyssa is my lucky number three, I breathe deeply as I tune into Alyssa. Alyssa is confident, bold and more detached from situations than the rest my family clan. She is black or white. Yep no in the middle. Alyssa is socially loveable to us. The outside world maybe not so much. Alyssa is learning that the outside world is not what matters, it is her world that matters.

Each and every one of my children are teaching me so much and, nope at times I do not like it, I actually fight against it. I breathe deeply as I write and my inner child requires these amazing souls in my life to grow, to learn, to love, to see what matters. The last 18 months I have grown, again. The inside world has supported me. My DNA has taught me to grow and change and it is fine to do so.

Then there is my mum.. I miss her so. I miss her very much daily and even though it has been 25 years since she crossed over to home, it is still at times not so easy. This mothers day was a little difficult for myself. I missed my mum more than the last year and the year before that. I would get on social media and everyone was wishing their mums happy mothers day! Amazing it made me smile truly, but inside I felt a little void, something was missing. I withdrew and went into my clan and to myself where I connected with her, I asked deeply why today am I so sad, more than any other day. I heard her reply "because your self love has increased, you are tuning into being able to give yourself space to reflect, feel and be. I am here my daughter always as your heart beats I am here. I love you and am proud of you. ALWAYS".

In 25 years I never felt this way, heard my mum this way. So I did that just that - reflected, just allowed myself to be. The best mothers day ever!!!

I want to thank my children and my man Paul, my warrior who really just allows me to be me. As lucky as my family is to have me.. I am so so blessed to have them.

I really hope to all that are out there that Mothers Day was special for you, to all the mums that have lost mums, to the dads that are mums to the foster mums, to the mums that have no children but mother their close clans. We all deserve the love. My thoughts yesterday were with you all. But more importantly, I was with my most inner deep emotions that I so deserved to have and be with.

Much Love.. You are enough!

Side note. I recall my mother always telling me that Motherhood is a road of discovering yourself. There are times that are not easy but there is always LOVE!!
Love ya Mum.
Thank you.

My mum and me and my mum - love oozes out with this photo. I feel you mum.

17th April, 2017
Hey there lovely souls, here I sit with reflection as I do..

I pull a card out for us, and Purity comes out. I sit and look at this and think lol what more do I have to do to purify, I am cutting back on sugar, I am exercising, I have stopped smoking..
Now what!!!

Your ego keeps speaking, is what my inner muse tells me!! Breathe and listen. So I guess if I have to listen, I gathered this might help you too.

So listen!!
Are you ready? Here we go.

When you are working so well at doing better for yourself dearest soul, the more you will get in your own way!! You are constantly in your mind finding ways to sabotage yourself, saying you are not good enough, and feeling bad about what you have done to your body.

Now listen to us dear one.
You are evolving, you are perfect as you are, your temple needs some extra love! Is that so bad? How is it the minute you do not feel great, you are happy to punch on yourself and bring yourself down? How is that going for you?

What about celebrating the purity you are?! The work you have achieved in your temple, to know how you feel really deeply about yourself! Not this superficial illusions you all have about your life. You are here for purpose, for love. All you did for a small moment only on your journey, was stop loving yourself, stop giving to yourself. Now is the time to breathe and see how far you have come, see how you have evolved. Move forward and get back on the road of love.

That's right, you humans are so happy to shout out to the world when all is wrong, but what about when all is great; the celebrations of life, being alive, having great opportunities in front of you?

You see, over here we are love, we are unconditional love, we see you and know you are purity. The human temple has the DNA codings, some of you know this some of you do not. But when you are taught something and you have faith and trust in the one that brought you back here to this planet, you believe it.

You as human temples are all different and this is the beauty of life. The commitment you made with yourself before you came to mother earth through the veil, can show you the way you are meant to live!! Can it be challenging? Yes of course, but let us be clear dear one, you helped to choose your life, with the opportunity of FREE WILL!!

If you dig deep, your soul has all you require to get to the next step.
So just maybe dear one, go deep, there lies the truth and there lies YOUR. PURE!!

13th April, 2017
On a super sensitive day, high with emotions, breathe dear one, when you are asking "how can things get better? What have I done to deserve this? Why does this keep happening?" Breathe dear one..
Remember who you are and open yourself up to self love and breathe...

Dear one your torment is not yours to carry, you have past pain you just do not recall. Looking at sadness right now in the present after taking deep breaths from within, from the ground, from mother earth, you will have a clear understanding where your pain comes from. Ahhh deep breaths.

This is where Spirit guided me over 12 months ago when something deep and sad happened to me. You see, as a healer I can see more clearly now, how I attracted the people and incidents in my life due to past lives.

A past life is many lives you have lived in different ways, good and bad. Fragments come back like distant memories, de-ja-vu. The feeling I have done this before, I have had this feeling, I have been here before.
OR it could be present past life!!!

With past lives we have DNA codings. DNA coding are ways we have watched, listen to, sponged from the grown-ups in our lives from the time we have been conceived.

We come back with lessons. We feel in some way what we did not finish, did not deal with, or where we have been hurt or we have wanted to hurt others. These things come back as an imprint on our map and help us work out in a better way.

You see when we arrive here in our present temple, all those conscious memories are forgotten, but our DNA does not, and we walk forward with it or we choose to torture ourselves with it. This then causes pain in this recent life, bad relationships, the feeling of not being good enough in areas, for some people it is called depression.

This can be cleared. There are Keys to working through theses issues, and you can feel better.

Listen, life is life, we cannot change it, but we can alter how we deliver it through our temple system. Our map. Self love is an never-ending cycle. If you love yourself you want to know more about your body and how your soul map works, and you will always indulge in your self journey toward feeling better. Loving better and doing better. Then you will work your way to healing yourself.

Is healing scary??? Is it opening Pandora's Box!!! YES, at times for sure. That is only because you have not dealt with certain pain, missed signposts along the way. But when you start on your journey to self love and getting support then... it is SO WORTH IT.

You either choose to believe or not! Simple. Healing is a place to go within and love all parts of you, to also get support and not keep building those walls you keep bringing up when you are hurt.. You are replaying the same cycle just in a different time, because it is either past life stuff, or this lifetime.

Pain, emotional or physical, is deep and it is also not easy to clear on your own. This present physical pain could be from sending all of your emotions to your body, maybe you do not feel worthy of feeling great.

Heal yourself, love yourself, know yourself, be kind to yourself.

Many blessings, Marg