Spiritess Sanctuary   Spiritess Sanctuary

Hello and welcome to my Spiritess website. Once it was Mystic Enchanted Insights, and my name is Margaret Ioannidis.

As we learn and grow within, we are looking for more light within. Here is a place for you to come and seek, to feed your soul.

Spiritess Sanctuary The name Spiritess is about a goddess who came to me in a dream. She is powerful, strong and wise. Spiritess will assist you in seeking your inner muse, which we all have.

For years we have been looking for light, the right way to feel, the right way to do things. To make those right choices. Spiritess is about assisting you to understand you have everything you are looking for within. Adapting to your way of doing things at times is not easy. Spiritess is within you to allow you to open up and become peace, joy, love..

We all have the light within. Changing DNA can be done. Keeping it simple, we can all do it if we allow ourselves. And at times we do require support, the push to achieve.

Allow yourself to let go, open up your inner world to create the change you have always wanted. Or you may have started, and need more tools.. Spiritess can offer you these.

Please relax and look through the pages I have created for you. New information will be added regularly. All details on these sacred pages are an invitation for you to contact me if needed. Creating a space for you to come and read, learn and heal. If you are reading this, you are halfway there. Saying yes to change is a great way to start.

Many blessings, Marg

Herald Sun

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